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Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd.

Premier manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems (BMS) and solar street lights

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    East Jing 11th Road, North Wei 1st Road, Tianchang, Anhui, China
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Company Profile
Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems (BMS) and solar street lights. Started as a prime energy system supplier to the lighting industry, Longvolt expanded its core competencies to include solar lighting systems in an effort to bring to the market a variety of sustainable lighting options. By taking full advantage of the thorough understanding of lighting technologies, industry-leading expertise in solar energy application and the compelling technology in lithium battery BMS, Longvolt is poised for vibrant thriving and grow to be your foremost provider of cost effective solar lighting solutions for projects worldwide.

Longvolt's value-engineered lighting products include intelligent solar street lighting systems, solar roadway lights, solar pathway lights, solar garden lights and solar security lighting systems. The energy collection systems of these light fixtures utilize photovoltaic panels that have the highest efficiency in the market. The full featured battery management systems are specifically designed to meet the demanding applications for protecting and managing long cycle life lithium ion battery packs which continue to provide excellent performance in environments with large temperature fluctuations. Designed as the critical subsystem for a totally optimized solar street light systems, Longvolt offers a full package of LED lighting systems across price, performance, features and applications. They delivers incredible efficiency with super long life, significantly reduced maintenance needs and cost.

Longvolt is proactive in identifying growth opportunities brought by the trend in adding intelligence and communications capabilities to street lights. The Longvolt Internet of Things (IoT) solar street lighting systems offer sophisticated lighting intelligence with excellent sensor detection accuracy, robust network connectivity and data processing capabilities. The IoT technology allows the solar lighting fixtures to be controlled remotely across existing lighting infrastructure, creating opportunities for networked integration of intelligent lighting management and control systems to offer improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit.

With uncompromising commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve and maintaining a high level of manufacturing excellence, Longvolt has been investing heavily in its research, development and manufacturing infrastructure. The company's ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated to produce all major fixture components - solar panels and controllers, battery management systems, LED light assemblies and light poles. The integrated manufacturing solutions in combination with high-specialized design and engineering services translate to value-added, cost-competitive OEM/ODM services.
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